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Fredrik Söderqvist

Fredrik Söderqvist has roots in the world of physics. His grandfather was Professor of Meteorology and a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, which among other awards the Nobel Prize in physics and chemistry. Fredrik's uncle is Professor Emeritus in Nuclear Physics in the United States. Fredrik himself holds a Master of Science degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Fredrik made a quick career in a large business group and, after some years in Sweden, went to France to develop the group's businesses in Europe. The result of his, among others', efforts became an international company, operating in a large part of the world. When Fredrik got children he decided to end his career to begin making a living from equity trading, while simultaneously writing and immersing himself in interests such as the mysteries of physics.

The Universal Field - A theory about the Universe

The book presents a new, well worked-out and logically built theory, which provides possibleexplanations for several so far unclear physical phenomenon. They include wave-particle duality, gravity, inertia, relative time and constant speed of light with their apparent contradictions to a field, the imbalance between antimatter and matter, black holes with their singularities and Big Bang.

According to the theory, universe is permeated with a Universal Field, consisting of "arms" or "threads" connected in junctions. The unaffected field is in its lowest state of energy and both compressions and extensions increases its energy. Oscillations propagate through single arms and move through the field with the help of carrying waves, always in the field's maximum adaptation speed, corresponding to the speed of light. Light consists of single oscillations and matter is made out of oscillations creating rotating structures.

Gravity results from the asymmetrically deformed field, created by oscillations and carrying waves, which affects the choice of direction for other oscillations.

The carrying wave of a star involves the field in all the solar system, decreasingly with the distance. Universe is relative because carrying waves create a background impact on the field, which affects the field's further maximum adaptation speed, which in turn affects time and light.


The Universal Field - A theory about the Universe

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